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Cyber security: protecting your brand from hackers and how to deal with cyber attacks

In a digitalised economy, fashion and luxury firms are big targets for cyber criminals. The new cyber security risk landscape has been transformed by the increase in remote working, the growth in the number of connected devices, and the ever-growing sophistication of threat actors.

Fashion and luxury brands face more threats than ever of cyber attacks and improper data handling. To protect their customers, business operations and creative assets, fashion brands need to strengthen their defences.

In this session, we will discuss with our experts:

  • An introduction to the legal aspects of cyber security: Anne and Tobias will lay out an overview of the (direct and indirect) sources of law that obligate companies to implement cyber security measures, and provide context on where cyber security in fact becomes not only a practical but rather a legal matter. Further, and with a strong focus on the fashion and retail sector, Anne and Tobias will in particular dive deeper into the following topics: the intersection (and conflict) of cybersecurity law and the GDPR, how cybersecurity may be required to be able to protect intellectual property, and whether (and to what extent) the fashion and luxury industry is regulated under the EU’s Network and Information Security Directive. The introduction will focus on EU law governing cyber security, but Anne and Tobias will occasionally point out specific implementations in Germany to illustrate certain examples.
  • A "typical" cyber-attack and how to handle it: Nina and Charlie will discuss the anatomy of a what is likely to remain a common cyber-attack in 2022, namely unlawful network access followed by data exfiltration and the deployment of ransomware.  They will talk you through how to handle such incidents and the legal and regulatory issues which flow from them, including a discussion around the legal, ethical and practical considerations of ransom payments.
  • Cyber litigation: The team will discuss current trends and hot topics in cyber-related litigation, including group claims from individual customers, and claims against IT suppliers with responsibility for cyber issues.

We are happy to invite you to our Fashion & Luxury Law Academy to join our panel for insights and discussion.

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