Osborne Clarke For Good is our way of making sure we're a responsible business, which is important to us.

We do this by focusing on our three 'For Good' pillars:

  • A good corporate citizen

  • Always a good employer

  • Being a good business

We want to use our skills and expertise for good and to make a positive contribution.

We provide our legal expertise on a pro bono basis.

We raise funds for charities that work in our communities.

We focus on reducing our impact on the environment.

We support many great initiatives, encouraging all our people to help meet our annual targets.

Osborne Clarke for Good

Being a good corporate citizen

Being a good corporate citizen means focussing on what's important to our business, our people and our communities. We use our skills and resources to deliver social impact across four priority areas:  

Equality – delivering equal access to legal services and by supporting organisations and charities addressing inequality.

Poverty - Putting our resources into alleviating digital, relative and absolute poverty in our communities. 

Education - Preparing the next generation to thrive in an uncertain future.

Environment - Having a responsible, measurable approach to reducing our impact on the environment and promoting a decarbonized future.

Always a good employer

We want our people to thrive. That's why we invest heavily in creating a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our mission is to deliver a safe, healthy and enriching environment which recognises the importance of wellbeing and the ever changing ways people engage with the workplace.

Central to achieving our aims is the strong voice within our business via our employee council, The Hub, our diversity networks and our integrated Health, Safety and Wellbeing steering group.

Being a good business

We work to make sure that we do business in a fair and sustainable way. 

Our Osborne Clarke for Good strategy is baked into our leadership structure with clear accountability and oversight of all our decisions and activities.

Ethical procurement, fair supplier management, stringent oversight of our legal obligations and an open dialogue with our stakeholders are critical. These are all part of what we are.